In the summer of 2014 we switched food from Purina One and Retriever High Protein to Life's Abundance.  It didn't take very long to see a distinct improvement in our dogs' coats.  We now see that their general health is also better.  There are several things I like about this food, which I will outline below, and it is not sold in stores nor is it advertised in the media, saving a lot of cost.  All the investment is in the food, and we have seen how it pays off.  We have found it to superior to even the comparably priced foods.

*Made fresh in anticipation of order volume so that your bag is only 4 to 6 week away from flying around as a real live chicken.

*Contains probiotics as well as prebiotics.

*There are no fillers, so every fraction is nutrition.  We feed less volume and our dogs are less hungry than when we feed others.

*Omega 3 for optimal benefit.

*Active antioxidants.

*Chelated minerals for maximum absorption.

*Less poop.  This speaks for itself.  Our dogs use more, waste less.

Thanks for considering.  We do receive a small percentage of the purchase price if you buy through my link, but that is not my concern.  If you know anyone else, buy it from them, or find a comparable food.  Our concern is that your dogs receive good nutrition so that they can give you more with their life and good health.  There are many good foods out there!