Q: Where are you located?

A: Our farm is just off I-65 near the KY/TN state line, about halfway between Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN.  4466 Kummer Rd.  Franklin, KY 42134.

Q: Are you a puppy mill?

A: Might as well be direct from the start.  I consider a puppy mill a place where puppies do not get the chance to socialize and are in small accommodations and left to themselves except for giving them food, vaccinations and deworming.

We do not run a puppy mill.  Conditions vary with each breeder, especially family breeders like ourselves.  We believe that dogs should be dogs, especially in the puppy stage.  They have space to run with dirt and grass to play on and kids to mess around with.  They spend their early weeks in an outside pen and house with appropriate temperature control for the season.  We bring them inside to play and to become accustomed to indoor living.  We take them out to potty, but sometimes we miss and they have an accident inside.  We take them out immediately and clean up so the others don't get the idea they can go there, too.

Q: What does F1 and F1b mean?

A: When you mix two different purebreeds, the result is called a hybrid.  The different ways you can mix them have a different combination of letters and numbers.  The first generation, F1, is when one purebred dog is bred to a purebred dog of a different breed.  The result is a variety of looks, but pretty much in the middle range between the two breeds.

Then, when you take one of those F1 puppies and breed to a purebred dog of either breed (backcross), the puppies are called F1b, the b for backcross.  You can backcross to either breed, but in doodle crosses, the F1b almost always means backcross to a Poodle. These puppies also vary, but the average leans more toward the Poodle traits, but with enough Golden to see those traits, also.

There are various other designations such as F2b, F3, and other multiples of generations, but we like to keep life simple and only raise F1 and F1b puppies.

Q: What are your hours?

A: That’s a good question, lol. Breeders are on call all the time for their dogs and puppies. Visiting hours vary according to who is coming. We can be available at varying times, so we have no set hours. We understand that families traveling have time constraints and we try to work around those, as well as our own crazy life. Call to find out what times are open for a particular week or day if you would like to come by. Saturdays are open mostly, but Sundays we have very limited hours since we are active in church obligations that help rejuvenate our spirits. If you need to come on Sunday we can almost always fit you in.

Q: How often do you breed your females?

A: Our girls are very important to us, as their health and happiness helps guarantee that our puppies are healthy, content and sociable.  A female dog cycles about twice a year, or every six to eight months.  Each time, her body completes a full pregnancy cycle, whether she is carrying puppies or not.  Taking advantage of this cycle is important because if missed, a breeder has to wait a full 6 months for the next opportunity.

We look to the health of each of our girls to know their needs.  Generally we breed each one for two to three cycles and then let them rest a cycle.  After each litter we carefully evaluate how quickly they bounce back and what their coat quality is like, and we decide how often and when to breed each of our girls.  If there is any sign of trouble, such as an infection, then they automatically have a rest cycle.  Our girls love to be mamas and give the best attention to their puppies when they are in good health.

Q: Will my Doodle puppy shed?

A: Most Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles will not shed.  Keep in mind, though, that everything that grows hair will lose it here and there, including you and me.  A Poodle traps the loose hair in the coat because of the nature of the hair shaft.  It's a pretty strong trait, and most of the Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles will also be nonshedding and hypoallergenic.  But if you think about a family that has two very different parents, each of their kids will lean more toward one parent or the other.  A litter of puppies will be the same.  Some will lean toward one parent's traits and some toward the other.  Sometimes a puppy will lean a little too far toward the Golden and will end up shedding a little.  It won't be nearly as much as a Golden, though, and is much easier to keep up on.