Hi! We are the Booher Family!

By today's standards our family is large, but as we are both from large families it just feels normal to us.

We started with premature twin boys, Russell (with fiancee Katie left front) & Shelvin (second from right front), in 1989. BelĂ©n joined us in early 1992 (back left). Two years and six days later Bryce arrived (front right). Aria came along in the fall of 1996 (back right). Just under three years later Tiana graced us with her presence (middle front). Clason arrived two weeks early in the summer of 2002 while we were at a family reunion in Colorado (middlefront). Esther joined us in early 2005 (front left blonde). Sage, our lucky number nine, joined us at 9:09am on her great-grandmother's birthday in 2007 (front right, Shelvin's lap). And surprise!...here came baby Micah (front middle, Tiana's lap), now eight years old!

Yes, they're more than a handful and yes, life is crazy. Kids grumble and whine, but seeing the older ones change a diaper and calm a fussy baby makes it all worthwhile.