We love all of our families who have adopted our puppies and love hearing from you!

Please enjoy the photos and comments shared by families who have adopted our puppies! If you have a puppy from us, please fill out the form below and send us pictures to sunset.hill.farm@gmail.com!

PENNY - 10/1/2013 - Fancy and Red

Our sweet girl, Penny, is an absolute joy! My husband and I have always been dog people but Penny has taken that to an entirely new level. She was a dream to potty train as a puppy and learns commands quickly. She gets "Oohs" and "Awws" everywhere we take her and she hasn't met a person/animal she hasn't loved! She's playful and sweet. Truly a gentle giant. Adrian was wonderful during the adoption process. She would send us photos on a regular basis while Penny was still at the farm and was always available to answer questions during and after the adoption. If you're on the hunt for another family member, I highly recommend a Sunset Hill Farm Doodle!

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If you'd like to share pictures, please send them to sunset.hill.farm@gmail.com

BILLY CRYSTAL - 3/30/14 - Happy and Red

"Billy Crystal is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to my wife and I. Adrian and her family are so wonderful. We made multiple trips out to the farm and every time we visited, we were welcomed with such open arms. Their farm is peaceful and beautiful and their puppies are top notch. They've been breeding Goldendoodles for over 10 years and it shows. We can't go anywhere here in Louisville without people stopping us and asking us where we got Billy Crystal. He's just perfect! I HIGHLY recommend Sunset Hill Farm. Who knows? Maybe we'll be back to adopt a sibling for Billy." - Johnpaul McLean (Louisville, KY)

RAGLEY - September 2013 - Cokie and Red 

"Ragley never leaves my side- I adore her! Since day 1, she has been the easiest puppy. She has never been bothered by noises or new situations, loves being handled, and is great with other animals. Potty and obedience training has been a breeze because she is so smart and to top it all- she is beautiful!" - Stephanie Sermonet (Nashville, TN)

MATILDA - March 2014 - Rylla and Enzo

"Our aussiedoodle Matilda is the best puppy! She's so smart and beautiful too! She has the best temperament and everyone who meets her falls in love. Sunset Hill sent us so many pictures and let us visit multiple times before we brought her home! She has been a fantastic dog since day 1 and rocks her rally, obedience, and barn hunt classes. We could not have asked for anything better! Thank you Sunset Hill for our sweet, perfect puppy!" -Lauren Milam (Lexington, KY)

MADDY - 2010 - Annie and Red

"Choosing a puppy based solely on a picture and description could have been challenging...but the Booher family made certain that was not the case. Adrian described the dog she thought Maddy would become and that is just what we have found her to be. We have a wonderful, happy, outgoing Goldendoodle who is well-known in the community for her friendliness and outgoing nature. Maddy was from a 2010 litter by Red and Annabelle and she is a beautiful combination of the two colors, ending up as a light golden cream with soft waves. Most importantly, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is out, never having met a person or animal she wouldn't like to be friends with. Thanks to Sunset Hill our family is perfect! -The Morandi family, Vermont

MILLIE - October 2013 - Fancy and Red

Millie has made my and Will's life so much brighter! She is smart (some times TOO smart for her own good), sweet, playful, and a cuddle monster. She flew to us in MA which I was nervous about at first, but Adrian eased our minds and talked us through the whole process. Millie arrived right on time happy and healthy... in fact she looked like she just woke up from an awesome nap. My favorite Millie trait has to be that she loves every person she's ever met - big or small... she particularly likes people who gives her hugs and treats. I would HIGHLY recommend Sunset Hill Farm! -- April Jasak-Bangs, Massachusetts 

STELLA - October 2014, Fancy and Enzo

"Look at Stella (Tris the Tuxedo Girl). She started out black with white spots but has recently turned silver and black with white spots. We looked it up and this is common in doodles that are black with white paws or spots. It is called Phantom Silver.  The silver really showed up after we got her groomed. We absolutely love her."  --Tad and Melodi, Brentwood, TN