Red's puppy becomes Diabetic Alert Dog!

I just heard last night that one of Red's offspring has been accepted to a Diabetic Alert Dog program! I am beyond excited for this family with a young diabetic boy. They said that she completed all the tasks at her screening with high marks and that no other dog has done that well at such a young age.

Allow us to introduce to you, Rue!

Here is our next mama from Rylla's litter last spring. Her name is Rue, aka Lady Sirella. She has stayed chocolate so far, but when her hair gets long the tips fade out, as you can see on her ears. We are looking for a mate for her, since obviously she can't breed with her dad. Red would work but I think he would only give us red puppies with a few blacks, almost no white markings since he doesn't have the genes for that. If you know of a parti-colored poodle anywhere nearby, give us a holler.