One of the most important considerations in choosing a puppy for your home is the health of the kennel and the breeding group you will be getting your puppy from. Our dogs live in a natural environment with room to run. Dogs like to dig for cool spots to lay in the summer or a warm spot in the winter. Since their ancestry comes from pack animals, they are most comfortable in a family shelter, rather than penned separately.

We feed our dogs using Life's Abundance nutrition.  When we switched to this food program, we noticed a distinct positive difference in our dogs' coats and health.  We have seen the benefits.  Check out all the advantages!

Living on a small farm in the country presents particular challenges because there is always a rabbit, raccoon and the occasional skunk that pass through. We follow the deworming and vaccination schedule recommended by our vet, Dr. Teresa Hughes (270-586-4438) to keep them clean and healthy inside. And our farm atmosphere helps to develop and foster healthy immune systems for great long-term health.


We are committed to giving not only the best of health care, but also the best in long-term health effects to our litters. We don't believe that concrete pens and chemical antisceptics give a dog the best start in life. Studies have proven that babies have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies in a farm environment. They are exposed to a variety of microorganisms while still taking in mother's milk with all its specific antibodies and immune system factors. We believe it is the same for puppies. We have portable pens on grass that are moved with each new litter. With 18 acres available there's plenty of room!

Our breeding dogs are outside dogs and are hardy. They don't get a lot of pampering; in our family that's just not possible. They get love, playtime, space and good food. When we find that a dog that needs something more, allergy treatment or social rehabilitation for example, we find a loving home where he or she will receive that extra touch that our large family and small house don't permit. You can be assured that your puppy comes from healthy, hardy parents who are emotionally and physically secure.

Keep in mind that you can never remove all puppy problems and the occasional puppy will come down with a bug here or there. It's a part of being a genetic individual. Occasionally one of our puppies will sucumb to an infection with the stress of moving homes, and these few families have found that the time they invest in pulling their puppy through that first week is paid back manyfold with the extra-secure attachment and gratitude their puppy gives back. See our adoption agreement for our reimbursement policy. We are unique in offering to share the cost of challenges your puppy has in the first week you receive him or her.

The hybrid vigor, superior food, and early exposure to common microbial flora that our puppies have makes them a great choice for a relatively trouble-free life as your canine family companion.